Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Just a few beauty Xmas presents I got :)

Jut a few of the things I got for Christmas related to beauty :) full reviews will be coming soon :) including my elf haul !!

Friday, 23 December 2011

BLINK + Go hi definition Mascara

So this mascara is what i got in my glossy box and i thought id just do a quick post to show you what its like and its effect :) This Mascara is really good its flake free and not thick and gloopy like many other mascaras i have used. It lengthens and thickens my eyelashes and this could replace my all time favourite clinique mascara !!
A you can see it has done a really good job it has just taken a few coats :) the only flaw with this mascara was as it was waterproof it was a little difficult to just simply wash off and i had to use make up remover but overall a brilliant item :) 
 Overall i would buy the item again :)

1st blog award :)

Well i have been blogging for 4 days and have been nominated for my first blog award !! Sil from has nominated me wooooo thank you so much it means a lot :) especially as i only started this week ! :D (sorry about the white background etc for some reason it wont let me edit it :(  and ive tried everything !)

There are 3 rules for this:
1. Thank the person that nominated you and give them a shoutout on your blog with a link to theirs. 
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Send on the award to 15 other bloggers who you love and appreciate and let them know they won the award. 

7 random facts about myself:
1. I am a cheerleader for edge hill university
2. I am training to be a primary and secondary school teacher with an English degree
3. I am addicted to blogging !!
4. I am obsessed with cups of tea 
5. I love kim kardashian if I could be her i would !
6.  I am disney obsessed :)
7.  I work at next 

My 15 favourite blogs are:

Thank you Sil for nominating me :D and thank you to everyone who follows me :) Im so happy :D

Charlotte :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

My First Glossy Box

So this is my first ever Glossy Box and i was sooooo impressed with the packaging it was like Christmas had come early :)The attention to detail with the ribbon and the sticker but me in an amazing mood before even opening it !!so what was in my box............

1 - BLINK + Go hi definition Mascara RRP £14.99
2- CARGO cosmetics classic lip gloss RRP- £10
3- DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Nail Varnish RRP- £16
4-DEBORAH LIPPMANN Lavender nail mitt
5- Jurlique Age defying ultra firm lift cream ( 5ml Sample size) RRP £48 for 50 ml
6- Rituals Foaming Shower Gel £6.50

 CARGO cosmetics classic lip gloss

This product is actually really nice on and a nice colour i think my colour was TOKYO. The only thing i would advise is for it to maybe have a taste or smell as it does taste like lip gloss. Maybe add a fruity taste to it Cargo ?

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

This foaming shower Gel was really soft and silky and the smell was amazing ! It made me feel very clean and fresh. My Rituals foaming Shower Gel was - Zensation Organic Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom. I would most likely by this again , ( maybe for my mum as she is trying to claim it now !!)

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Nail Varnish

So i was a little disappointed with this nail varnish it took 3 coats to fully  get the colour i wanted but maybe that was due to it being glitter and glitter nail varnishes are always thinner !! I do not think the nail varnish itself is worth £16 and i wouldn't buy the product again. But i do love that it came in my Glossy Box as its a lovely festive colour for Christmas :) 

 BLINK + Go hi definition Mascara
This Mascara is really good its flake free and not thick and gloopy like many other mascaras i have used. It lengthens and thickens my eyelashes and this could replace my all time favourite clinique mascara !! the only flaw with this mascara was as it was waterproof it was a little difficult to just simply wash off and i had to use make up remover but overall a brilliant item :)

Jurlique Age defying ultra firm lift cream
So i dont really need this being the age of 19 but thought id give it a go anyway :) The product was really soft and when put under my eyes left it feeling warm and tighter than before. It does feel as though it is working and absorbs into the skin extremely well, its very lightweight and would feel as though nothing is on if it wasnt for the tightening on my skin and a warm tingle. However they are not bad point as i would assume that shows the product works :) Great product if you needed to firm the skin and lift it :)


I am very pleased with my Glossy Box and will definitely be keeping my subscription :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kabuki primark brush

Primark pink 'Kabuki' brush. This brush is AMAZING one of the softest brushes ive had and at only £1.50 you cant afford to say NO :)
My It's synthetic but extremely soft it's great for blending out bronzer or blusher if you've been too heavy handed or giving yourself a dusting of finishing powder.
I use this brush alllllllll the time :) I have also just done a mass ELF order of brushes and things so will be reviewing them when they arrive :)

Hair Plus Combo - hair growth shampoo & conditioner

Verseo Hair Plus is a unique fast hair growth shampoo and conditioner The Verso Hair+ Shampoo and Conditioner Combo is clinically proven to increase hair growth by up to 123% during the 28 day test period... Why would you want your hair to grow faster? There are a number of good reasons: 1. Fast growing hair is fuller, healthier and more youthful looking. 2. Let's say you get a bad haircut and want to grow it out (like me) - if you use a fast hair growth shampoo you can get your hair the way you want it that much faster. my hair gre 4 inches in 3 months !!! 3. If you suffer from a condition like Alopecia - Verseo Hair Plus can stimulate hair growth. The hair growth shampoo supplies proteins to protect the hair shaft. It also strengthens, prevents dryness and breakage, improves gloss, texture, manageability and adds body. The hair growth conditioner is specially formulated to supplement the shampoo. They must be used together for optimal results. The active amino acids derived from enzyme hydrolysis and vitamin B-6 stimulate more rapid hair growth. Does Verseo Hair + fast hair growth shampoo and conditioner really work? Yes. Verseo Hair + shampoo and conditioner feed your hair with essential nutrients and proteins, which make your hair grow faster. What results can I expect to see? You should see faster hair growth, healthier looking and better conditioned hair. It also helps with dandruff Why should I use Verseo Hair +? Traditional shampoos and conditioners often strip your hair of vital nutrition. Verseo Hair + works on the hair itself, infusing special herbs and amino acids to help grow hair as fast and as healthy as possible. It is perfectly safe to use as it contains mostly natural ingredients. How do I use Hair +? Basically just like any other shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo: Wet hair. Apply Hair + and work into a rich lather. Scrub entire scalp and rinse. Then repeat. Hair + hair growth shampoo is very concentrated. You do not need use a huge amount of shampoo – the equivalent of a 50 pence piece is enough for each use. Conditioner: After shampooing, apply Hair + conditioner onto the hair and massage in thoroughly. Allow the conditioner to permeate the hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Style as usual. Below is a great review that i watched and that helped me decide on it.
This is how short my hair was in september :) and i havent used verseo hair every other day as it recommends only id say once a week and sometimes twice a week and 3 months later my hair is this length................ and i had it shaven into the back and the hair where my ear is it looks like its tucked behind but it was literally that short !! and look how much its grown ........................ now 3 months on my hair is ...............
As you can see it has grown loadsssssssssssss and my hair does not grow fast !! im so happy with this product and will definately be purchasing it again !!! SO all in all my hair has grown a good 4 inches in 3 months when my usual would be about 1 and a half inch !!!! buy from JD HARRIS However i hate my hair this length and wear clip in hair extenions everyday ha :( hopefully it will be luscious and long again though :D !!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Barry M croc nail varnsih

Croc Nail Effects is a stunning development following the best selling crackle range. These cracks appear in a more uniform mock-croc style pattern.
Crackle polish has already done the beauty trend rounds and I'll be honest, I'm now bored of it !!! Whilst it looked quite cool with some shades, the texture felt pretty horrible, nails looked like they were chipped (my mother said i looked like a tramp ) and it wasn't a particularly groomed look. I tried it over Barry M's Gold foil.
Well, HALLELUJAH, Croc Nail Effects literally fixes all of these problems :) It's basically the subtler, slicker and groomed older sister of the nail crackle:The cracks are a lot smaller and thinner than your usual crackle polish, the texture is only slightly bumpy, nothing noticeable though!It looks more like you've gone over them with a nail art pen as it's uber intricately detailed.Best of all, it looks really neat and tidy. Practicality wise, it takes a lot longer to crack than your usual crackle polish, I'd give a good five minutes to get 100% crocage coverage, and then you'll probably need that long in clean up around the nail bed as it's quite messy, especially if you've used a metallic base. heres the barry M video to help with your application :)

Wonders of Aussie !!

Chances are you’ve tried Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor at some point. With dozens of awards under its belt, it’s a cult beauty product that very much deserves its place in the haircare hall of fame. When your hair is screaming out for moisture and TLC, there’s nothing better, easier and more affordable than 3 Minute Miracle for a quick fix. I use it for my extensions and its amazing !!!
There’s really very little wrong with this product except that after water has been on the bottle the writing does come off butttt..... It’s cheap, it smells delicious and it really does what it claims to do, deep-conditioning dry or damaged hair to leave it soft and silky, without the fuss of having to leave it on for ages. In the time it takes you to wash your body and shave your legs, this baby will had done the job and be ready to rinse, so there’s no standing around in the shower watching the clock, or turning pruney in the bath! What I love the most about this product is that the price has stayed more or less static ever since I bought my first bottle. With all its accolades, they could easily bump it up a few quid and still sell loads, but it remains under a fiver, an affordable treat for damaged hair, which I really respect given that a lot of newer dry hair products (Moroccanoil etc) are ridiculously overpriced and impossible to justify on most budgets. Pah! Who needs ‘em when Aussie deliver the goods for less? Their serum’s awesome too! Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor £4.99 at Boots Boots also have a 3 for £10 offer on too with all Aussie products :)

NYX All i've ever wanted box

So my mum bought me this NYX All i've ever wanted box from TKMAXX about a few months ago but i didnt have a blog then ha :) so im sharing it with you guys now!!

behold the NYX "All I've Ever Wanted" Box. This is truly a trooper of a palette, I must say. Complete with 72 eyeshadows, 8 face colors, 6 lip colors, 4 blushers and face powders, all in a lovely black box with mirrors and applicators.

Although i bought this a few months ago there are still plenty in many TKMAXX stores and would make a great Christmas gift or a present of any kind to someone who loves make-up. The box is only £14.99 at TKMAXX thats a massive saving as it retails for around £35 and there are many other NYX products there for you to try too Get down to TKMAXX and check them out.

Christmas is here woooo

My all time favourte christmas film arrived today :D

I love this film and watch it every Christmas now i have it on dvd i can watch it any time :)

What's your favourite Christmas film ?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Manchester Shopping :)

So today my dad and i went to Manchester arndale to buy my mums Christmas present and although i bought nothing :( my dad successfully bought my mum ANOTHERRRRR mulberry bag i think that's number 5 now :S anyway i thought i'd show you what i wore and my make-up for the day :)

The jumer is from ebay wooo but originally topshop i paid £10 new on ebay and topshop was £35 so it pays to look around for baragins guys !!

I used the same makeup as mentioned in my previous post however for the lips i used a chubby stick ! a what i hear you ask well a chubby stick is a ew type of lipstick/gloss from clinique its only £15 and is amazing, it lasts allllllll day i didnt need to re aply it at all and its full of moisture to keep your lips from being fry in the winter...

It literally looks like a crayon you would use to colour in and it winds up and down so your stick stays safe, so no more broken or melted lipsticks ! The chubby stick from clinique is so far one of the best products ive used and the colour isnt too in your face so can be used day or night :)
They don't disappoint either. Chubby Sticks pack plenty of moisture and pigment . These aren't sheer balms . They are not deep either but have more pigment than most tinted balms .

The finish has some shine but is really a satin finish. No shimmer. They are like a balm/lipstick almost but with a very light feeling on the lips. The moisture comes from shea butter, mango seed butter , jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and olive oil . They apply like a dream since you're outlining with a pencil.

Highlight- They twist up when you need more product . When I first saw images months ago I thought they would need an incovenient sharperner. Not so, just twist the bottom and the stick comes up.

PS- In a pinch, these could be used as cheek tint.

All shades are :

Chunky Cherry
Fuller Fig
Mega Melon
Richer RaisinSuper Strawberry
Whole Lotta Honey
Woppin' Watermelon

The one i used was Chunky cherry :)


Works xmas do

So a week ago was my Christmas works do at the dunkenhalgh a hotel near me :) It was a great night and i even got a bottle of wine and chocolates off my secret Santa which went down a treat !! But i also loved what i wore that night and my hair and make-up :) What do you think ?

This top is absolutely gorgeous i am in love with it :) the best part is its from PRIMARK and at only £12.99 its hard to resist it, the tops beading is all hand done and you can tell a lot of effort has gone into it, i haven't washed it yet as im worried the beads might come off but it you get one, which you should! i would recommend hand washing :)

For hair and makeup, i just used my GHD's to curl my extensions and makeup...

I used,
17 lipstick in the shade Hollywood £3.06 and at boots a special offer is on buy 2 products and get a free giftjust click :)
Clinique superbalanced foundation £21
Clinique high impact mascara £15
No7 beautiful bows pencil at £5

The clinique stuff may seem pricey but so far its the best makeup i have used and lasts all day :)

The 17 lipstick

Get ultra glam, slick colour that creates the illusion of fuller, luscious lips this lipstick glides on just like a balm and leaves a sheen to your lips :)
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