Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melt

What lush says....
'Great for dry skin, as the almond oil and cocoa butter will leave your skin silky smmmooth. Also the chamomile, marigold and marshmallow all help to calm irritated or delicate skin types. 
If you love our sweet products like Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Godmother Soap, you’ll be pleased to know that this has the same fragrance. 
Traditional healers and herbalists have used marshmallow herb since ancient times. Its botanical name derives from the Greek word althein which means ‘to heal’.  '
How to use
Watch it slowly melt away to leave you surrounded in a silky smooth bath of exquisite oils and fragrances.

What i say..... This bath bomb is lovely!! I bought it when i went to pay and i was swayed into buying it, and i am grateful i did. The smell is lovely and it leaves your skin sooooo soft. I love the way it foamed the bath up and i could see and feel it fix in my hands and i also loved how pink it left my bath :) The pictures don’t do it justice. This bath bomb is £3.45 and i will definitely be buying it again.

Orly Ruby Red Nail Lacquer NOTD

This nail varnish is average !

The colour is nice but it did take a few coats to get an even colour, The nail varnish also ran quite a lot and so took a bit of swabbing with a cotton bud and nail varnish remover after applying it. It looked ike my finger had blood on them :(

Overall i would not buy this specific product again which is a shame as i had heard such amazing things on the orly nail varnishes!!

i don't believe its worth the full price of £6.95

Monday, 30 January 2012

January Glossy Box

So what did i get.....

  • Eyeko Skinny eyeliner in plum ( more of a bronze colour) Full size £9.50
  • Orly Nail lacquer trial size
  • Weleda one step cleanser and toner  trial size
  • Fab gentle body wash  trial size
  • Murad hybrids skin perfecting primer - Dewy finish  trial size

And not forgetting..... The Lovely piece of rock !

So first impressions of the box...

The colour is lovely i love the shocking pink and the heart sticker, Glossy Box never fails on its presentation, the only thing i would suggest is that the pink would have been glossy like last months red box. However still 10/10 on presentation.

Another thing is.....

Apart from the heart sticker and the heart on the rock there isn't really much that makes it valentines! i suppose the red nail varnish could be, but looking at it it doesn't scream at me a valentines special box.


A good box, already used the nail varnish and cant wait to review the rest of the products !!

Did you get anything different in your Glossy Box???

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Blogs New Look

Hey guys just thought I would do a short little post on what I have spent most of my night doing !!

If you haven't already noticed I have decided to redesign my blog :)

Hope you guys like it and feel free to give me any feedback !! I would love to hear it :)


Nail Of The Day (NOTD)

W7 Nail varnish in Purple paradise and Saffron Gold Glitter In 08

Links are here to buy on ebay :) 


i have decided i am probably going to get gel nails a my biting is becoming uncontrollable lately and my nails are slowly looking Worse !!!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Revlon Matte Stormy Pink Lipstick

If your looking for a Barbie Pink Lipstick this is it !!

I loved it so much, but I always did have a soft spot for Barbie! This lipstick has such great staying power, i have looked around other blogs and i have seen that a lot of people believe it dried out there lips, but i found the total opposite! this revlon lipstick made my lips really soft and added a great pop of colour to them especially in the dull winter we are having :)

I have tried everything to rotate this picture and it Just wont do it !!! Sorry guys after 25 mins i give up !

I love this colour and will try to use it more often , than on just nights out :) What do you think ?

This lipstick retails between £7-£8 but you can but it on ebay for £3.50  just click this link :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stir it up Rimmel eyeshadow

So I bought this brand new off the lovely charlotte from secrets behind the closet door :)

So at first glance this eyeshadow looks really nice !! The colour is really pigmented and I don't think my camera does it justice but you also get all the colour that's in the speckled parts which in this one is hint of midnight blue .

The application is really easy and it is a very smooth eyeshadow. The only down side I would give it was as soon as I swatched it the speckled pattern went and I was left with an eyeshadow that looked like it had been used loads even though this is the first time ! I will try and get a picture and upload it to show you :)

These eyeshades are on eBay for around £2 and come in all different shades :)

Overall a great eyeshadow with great pigmentation and colour ! Just wish the pretty pattern didn't go when you use it :(

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make up storage :)

So a few weeks ago I decided I needed a new make up bag ! However a bag wasn't big enough so i got a beauty case instead .....

I bought this off eBay for £18 and there are tons of different colours to choose from :) it's great and I love it !! Perfect for holding all my new make up I have got due to blogging !

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So last night I went to an engagement party and this is my face and outfit I wore :)

The dress is from primark £13 !! I love it and it will be a great carry over for summer parties :)

On my face I have...

Mac studio sculpt foundation nc32
Elf mineralise powder
MUA heaven and earth pallete
Loreal colour appeal 151 pure Gold eyeshadow
17 hide and shic concealer
17 liquid eye liner
Estée Lauder blusher in nude rose
Elf eye brow kit
Blink and go mascara

Have you used any of these before ? :)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lush haul :)

So I placed a lush order on Wednesday night and it came Friday morning which I was really impressed with :)

I ordered the ...

bubblegum lip scrub

Avobath bath bomb

Phoenix rising bath bomb

2 Creamy candy bubble bar

Mmmelting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt

2 Superstar bubble bar

Christmas eve bubble bar

Alot of these I got in the 50% off sale :)

Apart from a arriving very quickly they were also packaged extremely well ! This was my first order from lushs' website and certainly won't be my last.

I really liked how they tell you who packaged and prepared your item and mine was called Charlotte C which is the same name as me !! Ha

Can't wait to individually review them all :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Benefit boing concealer

So I bought the benefit boing concealer the other day and it is really good :)I really liked the little quite when I opened the box it was a nice touch :) its shown in the photos below.

Also the concealer feels really silky and smooth on my skin and blends VERY WELL and is also extremely easy to apply. Another major fact is that it also has great staying power :) a great concealer for spots and dark circle when you have had to many late nights !!

I got this with some vouchers I had so didn't have to spend too much but they are on eBay for a lot cheaper than benefit charges !!

I don't believe it's worth the price benefit are asking for but I do love the product :)

What's your favourite benefit ?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lush so white bath bomb

One of my Christmas present was a lush bath bomb :) I am a fan of lush but I usually only use it for presents or treats for myself as some of it can be a bit pricey :(

Anyway so for Christmas I got the 'so white' lush bomb In my stocking and I used it last night :)

The first think I noticed was the size of the bath bomb it was actually really big and so took a good 5-10 mins to fully dissolve. Lush says that is smells of apple, rose bergamont and neroli whatever the last two smell of :/ I have no idea ! Ha

When I put it in the bath I could hear it, see it fizz and see it make the bath foamy . It smelt really fresh and clean almost like a clothes softener I couldn't smell the apple Or rose and I don't know what the other two smell like so maybe they where in it ! It made the bath feel as though I had added bath oils but without the effect oil has on your hair etc.

Overall it left a really soft feel to my skin and the smell of it was really nice :) I would buy it again :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Technic high lights (benefit high beam dupe)

So I went to buy the technic nail varnish dupe of the muppets and stumbled across this for £1.99 !!

It's called high lights and is an exact dupe of benefits high beam the only difference is the price :) benefit retails at £18.50 for 12ml and this is £1.99 for 12 ml

The texture is the same as benefits except its just a little thicker which I prefer :) it has a great shine to it and because it's thicker it's easier to apply !

The swatch on the left is technic at £1.99 and the right is benefits high beam at £18.50

I would definitely buy this technic over benefit !!! I think it's great the colour and thickness is perfect and it lasted me all day working at next which is always busy !! So sweats galore ha !

The only flaw that I would give it which is very minor is it doesn't really smell of anything and you have to rub it in alot due to its thickness :)

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