Monday, 19 December 2011

Manchester Shopping :)

So today my dad and i went to Manchester arndale to buy my mums Christmas present and although i bought nothing :( my dad successfully bought my mum ANOTHERRRRR mulberry bag i think that's number 5 now :S anyway i thought i'd show you what i wore and my make-up for the day :)

The jumer is from ebay wooo but originally topshop i paid £10 new on ebay and topshop was £35 so it pays to look around for baragins guys !!

I used the same makeup as mentioned in my previous post however for the lips i used a chubby stick ! a what i hear you ask well a chubby stick is a ew type of lipstick/gloss from clinique its only £15 and is amazing, it lasts allllllll day i didnt need to re aply it at all and its full of moisture to keep your lips from being fry in the winter...

It literally looks like a crayon you would use to colour in and it winds up and down so your stick stays safe, so no more broken or melted lipsticks ! The chubby stick from clinique is so far one of the best products ive used and the colour isnt too in your face so can be used day or night :)
They don't disappoint either. Chubby Sticks pack plenty of moisture and pigment . These aren't sheer balms . They are not deep either but have more pigment than most tinted balms .

The finish has some shine but is really a satin finish. No shimmer. They are like a balm/lipstick almost but with a very light feeling on the lips. The moisture comes from shea butter, mango seed butter , jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil and olive oil . They apply like a dream since you're outlining with a pencil.

Highlight- They twist up when you need more product . When I first saw images months ago I thought they would need an incovenient sharperner. Not so, just twist the bottom and the stick comes up.

PS- In a pinch, these could be used as cheek tint.

All shades are :

Chunky Cherry
Fuller Fig
Mega Melon
Richer RaisinSuper Strawberry
Whole Lotta Honey
Woppin' Watermelon

The one i used was Chunky cherry :)



  1. I have the watermelon chubby stick, I cherish it! Good luck on the blog :) xx

  2. omg i am from manchester, love your blog, its great, love the elf reviews x


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