Saturday, 18 February 2012

MUA Glitter Eye liner in Silver Sparkle

So on my recent visit to Superdrug I picked up some MUA goodies and one of them was the silver Sparkle Eye Liner.

At only £1 I am really impressed with it ! I got one in black also and both lasted a very long time. The black eye-liner even struggled to wash off with soap and water proving its staying power and MUA's Quality.

The silver eye liner is a silver based crayon with fine silver glitter inside. The Pencil also comes with a built in sharpener in the lid which is very clever and perfect !! Especially if like me you never have your sharpener when you need it !

Overall i would give this eye-liner a 10/10 and definitely buy this again !!


  1. wow that looks so glittery! how fantastic

    Marie x

  2. love the glitter! nice how it comes with a sharpener too.x

  3. i have about 4 of these and im in love! the black is just wow really pigmented!

    1. Ohhhh i didn't see a black ! Definitely look out for that :) xx


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