Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Barry M croc nail varnsih

Croc Nail Effects is a stunning development following the best selling crackle range. These cracks appear in a more uniform mock-croc style pattern.
Crackle polish has already done the beauty trend rounds and I'll be honest, I'm now bored of it !!! Whilst it looked quite cool with some shades, the texture felt pretty horrible, nails looked like they were chipped (my mother said i looked like a tramp ) and it wasn't a particularly groomed look. I tried it over Barry M's Gold foil.
Well, HALLELUJAH, Croc Nail Effects literally fixes all of these problems :) It's basically the subtler, slicker and groomed older sister of the nail crackle:The cracks are a lot smaller and thinner than your usual crackle polish, the texture is only slightly bumpy, nothing noticeable though!It looks more like you've gone over them with a nail art pen as it's uber intricately detailed.Best of all, it looks really neat and tidy. Practicality wise, it takes a lot longer to crack than your usual crackle polish, I'd give a good five minutes to get 100% crocage coverage, and then you'll probably need that long in clean up around the nail bed as it's quite messy, especially if you've used a metallic base. heres the barry M video to help with your application :)


  1. o0o0o i like this


  2. I like. I like! Excellent find!
    Great start to your blog honey


  3. Oooooo not sure whether I like the effect or not... I will have to purchase it when I see it to have a try with it xxx

  4. I like it a lot :) great post! xxxxxxxxxx


  5. Thank you guys :) I love the croc effect :) xxx

  6. Think I'm going to have to give this one a try. It looks a lot nicer than the crackle effect.

  7. When I first saw the crackle effect I wasn't impressed so I kinda ignored all the other nail effects going around. I'm glad I've seen how the croc effect looks now though because I quite like it. This nail paint is on my shopping list now. :)

  8. Ye I'm not a fan of the crackle it's too messy :) but no love this one ! Have you tried the magnetic effect ones they are good too :) xx

  9. i love this, i hated waiting for the effect to apear so i used my hair dryer on the medium setting then blasted them with cold not too close i made that mistake the first time and it slicked the polish off my nail lol it brings the effect out straight away




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