Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hair Plus Combo - hair growth shampoo & conditioner

Verseo Hair Plus is a unique fast hair growth shampoo and conditioner The Verso Hair+ Shampoo and Conditioner Combo is clinically proven to increase hair growth by up to 123% during the 28 day test period... Why would you want your hair to grow faster? There are a number of good reasons: 1. Fast growing hair is fuller, healthier and more youthful looking. 2. Let's say you get a bad haircut and want to grow it out (like me) - if you use a fast hair growth shampoo you can get your hair the way you want it that much faster. my hair gre 4 inches in 3 months !!! 3. If you suffer from a condition like Alopecia - Verseo Hair Plus can stimulate hair growth. The hair growth shampoo supplies proteins to protect the hair shaft. It also strengthens, prevents dryness and breakage, improves gloss, texture, manageability and adds body. The hair growth conditioner is specially formulated to supplement the shampoo. They must be used together for optimal results. The active amino acids derived from enzyme hydrolysis and vitamin B-6 stimulate more rapid hair growth. Does Verseo Hair + fast hair growth shampoo and conditioner really work? Yes. Verseo Hair + shampoo and conditioner feed your hair with essential nutrients and proteins, which make your hair grow faster. What results can I expect to see? You should see faster hair growth, healthier looking and better conditioned hair. It also helps with dandruff Why should I use Verseo Hair +? Traditional shampoos and conditioners often strip your hair of vital nutrition. Verseo Hair + works on the hair itself, infusing special herbs and amino acids to help grow hair as fast and as healthy as possible. It is perfectly safe to use as it contains mostly natural ingredients. How do I use Hair +? Basically just like any other shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo: Wet hair. Apply Hair + and work into a rich lather. Scrub entire scalp and rinse. Then repeat. Hair + hair growth shampoo is very concentrated. You do not need use a huge amount of shampoo – the equivalent of a 50 pence piece is enough for each use. Conditioner: After shampooing, apply Hair + conditioner onto the hair and massage in thoroughly. Allow the conditioner to permeate the hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. Style as usual. Below is a great review that i watched and that helped me decide on it.
This is how short my hair was in september :) and i havent used verseo hair every other day as it recommends only id say once a week and sometimes twice a week and 3 months later my hair is this length................ and i had it shaven into the back and the hair where my ear is it looks like its tucked behind but it was literally that short !! and look how much its grown ........................ now 3 months on my hair is ...............
As you can see it has grown loadsssssssssssss and my hair does not grow fast !! im so happy with this product and will definately be purchasing it again !!! SO all in all my hair has grown a good 4 inches in 3 months when my usual would be about 1 and a half inch !!!! buy from JD HARRIS However i hate my hair this length and wear clip in hair extenions everyday ha :( hopefully it will be luscious and long again though :D !!


  1. Going to order this tonight! thankyou for the review x

  2. It ok :) Thank you for reading :) xx

  3. I am so buying this next week :)

  4. I have found it amazing !! And I don't use it every other day as recommended so your hair could grow even more :) xx


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