Monday, 2 January 2012

17 concealer

So a few days ago I went to boots and they had an offer on, if you went and put your boots card in that machine they have ( which i never do and i will now do alot more often now) then you can print of vouchers, and one was buy any 17 product and get a hide and chic 17 concealer free :)

The concealer is surprisingly good , it covers really well and the brush is very soft. I also like that it is a twist and click dispensing concealer so that you don't use to much , I would buy this product again and give 17 more of a chance in my future beauty buys :)

Have you had any good 17 buys ?


  1. I've never even used anything from 17 before, but lately I've been hearing so many good things about the line! I will definitely consider trying some things out next time I'm in Boots :) xo

  2. I've only had 2 products this and a lipstick and that was because they where on offer :) i dont know if its the name 17 but i always felt like it was a cheaper almost younger make up brand but i will definitely give it more of a chance now :) They look like they have some good stuff from reading other blogs xx


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