Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Elf haul

So before Xmas I did a massive elf order , I had never bought anything from elf before but after reading lots of your lovely blogs on them and seeing a 40% off code I couldn't resist :)

And boy did I treat myself ! I bought every brush elf had , eyebrow kit , mineral booster, pressed powder, elf eyebrow lifter and filler , sharpener and eye lash curlers to name a few :) here are the pics of what I bought with full reviews coming soon :) !! And I must say I'm really impressed so far !!

The left brushes are so soft and are great quality to say they are such a low price !!!

After reading reviews on elf I thought that they where high end products with a high end price and I was completely shocked to find out how cheap they where!! Elf really do great products and I can't wait to review what I bought :)


  1. I'd be interested in trying that Eyebrow Kit. It looks like a great new product to try. Do you recommend it?

    I found you via the #bbloggers tag on Twitter. I'd be honored if you check out my blog and Twitter feed. Thanks, beauty!

  2. Ooooh can't wait to see reviews on these! Never bought anything from e.l.f. before, but I am definitely going to have to change that xx

  3. The eyebrow kit is a bit waxy it gives more of the scour brow look which I'm not really into :( the pencil one on the other hand is really good ! And the brushes are so soft I was really surprised :) the main thing I would recommend is the mineral booster it was only around £3 and corrects the colours in your skin so that your picture perfect :) I'll be putting full reviews up shortly but I'm swampped with Uni assignments :( xx

  4. I used to be an elfaholic! I just loved the amount of stuff you get for your money! I really like the powder side of the eyebrow kit :)

  5. After a few uses if the eyebrow kit it's amazing !! I low it makes my eyebrows look great I'll hopefully do a review of it soon :) and no this was my first elf order after reading everyone's blogs on elf I thought why not :) luckily they had 40% off code on so all of it only cost me £20 !! Xxx


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