Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Avon lipgloss

I received this for Christmas as part of a present off my auntie :) I was really surprised by how nice the Avon lip glosses are and how durable and long lasting they are !!

They came in a set of three and are called -

Glaze wear shine

Glaze wear dazzle

Glaze wear duo reflect

All three lipglosses have great shine and quite a pleasant smell. I don't know what colours they are as it didn't say on the box but my favourite is the glaze wear dazzle which is the glittery one :) the one in the middle of my swatch :)

The swatch order is
Glaze wear duo reflect at the top (bronze colour)
Glaze wear dazzle in the middle (glitter colour)
Glaze wear shine at the bottom (pinkish colour)

The glosses are really easy to apply and just enough comes out into the brush , which usually I have to much on but it has a suction neck so only a certain amount can come out!!

I would definitely recommend Avon lip gloss and even start purchasing more Avon products myself !!

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