Friday, 6 January 2012

Benefit- cheek and lip tints

So I ordered the mini benefit cheek and lip tints which include - posie tint , high beam and bene tint :)

I ordered these minis as I wasn't willing to part with £18.50 on just one of them never mind all 3 !! This small set cost £6 from a reliable ebayer and I figured I would rather test them out cheaply rather than buying them all and end up not liking them.

So what did I think !...

The colours are really nice and my favourite is the posie tint :) its a really nice soft pink and one of the easiest to apply as it comes out like a cream so great for applying it on cheeks.

The bene-tint was alot more watery and harder to get the desired look but out of all three lasts the longest ! After searching it on my hand it stayed on for a few hours even after having a bath and washing my hand numerous times !! So if you want staying power this is the one !

The high beam is a soft highlighter which can be mixed into moisturiser or foundation you have for a lovely fresh glow , or can be used just to highlight certain areas such as across the brow bone, cheek bone, nose bone and cupids bow :)

With the tints make sure you tap into place do not rub otherwise you could end up looking very rosy cheeked and the effect is not nice !!


  1. These will last you ages anyway!! xx

  2. Hopefully :) they are nice just take a bit of practice to get used to it :) xx

  3. I remember the first time I used a highlighter and I rubbed it in. Bad times. :p High beam looks really nice but I always had the impression that you had to buy all three as a set? x

  4. I'm getting the hang of it :) and ye you can buy them individually :) body care do a high beam at £1.99 too and it's just as good ill do a blog on it later xxx

  5. Sounds good! I look forward to reading it. :) x

  6. I love High Beam, wear it everyday! I got Posietint for Christmas, only used it once but I like it so far :)

  7. The posie tiny is my favourite ! :) such a nice colour xx


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