Saturday, 7 January 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Claims: A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing. Water-resistant

The Packaging....

The packaging is simple and generic of MAC Make-up with the box etc, its in a really easy to use tube and a great small squirty dispenser so that enough comes out but not too much even with an over squeeze :)

Pricey Pricey ?

The Mac studio sculpt is £23 which is around average for a high end foundation, i usually spend £22 on clinique foundation but this is worth the extra £1 haha although i do think i will stick to clinique also and keep both of them for best

Hows the Application?

I usually use sponges to apply foundation although i've found this applies just as well with fingers as it has a very smooth,creamy texture and Its's much thicker than fluid formula and a lot more dry, something that a lot of people might like with a foundation. It blended really really well on my skin and did look natural. Another thing is that a little of this foundation goes a long long way. You don't need too much to give you coverage, which essentially could save you money.

                                           My colour is NC30

So does it Cover ?

Mac states that this is for medium coverage but that it can be build able too. I've found that whilst this foundation does provide medium coverage i'm not sure it feels right when built up as it feels a bit cakey, however when just one layer is on its really light. I would also suggest that if you get any in the neck of the lid then this can be used as a great concealer as it will have dried slightly it goes a lot thicker and so makes a great concealer.

TA-DA the finish 

This foundation doesn't leave a matt effect but also doesn't add shine, id say it leave a very natural effect that once on feels like you aren't wearing any make up, I use my elf mineral booster powder just as a final finish to set my make up and it really does the trick. i have quite combination skin with an oily tea zone and this foundation doesn't dry out my skin and flake like my dream matt mouse from loreal and it doesn't make my face shiny as the day progresses. A good all rounder :)


I would suggest going to a mac counter to get your colour tested i didn't and the colour is good on my face but i think next time i see a mac counter ill go and double check. I got colour NC30, The NC is for people with warm undertones so warmer skin colours and NW is for cool undertone people. remember it like -- NC not cool and NW not warm :)


A good all rounder 8/10
definitely be a regular buy just wish there was a nicer smell than just a foundation smell.


  1. Lovely review:) I adore this foundation, its my favourite! xox

  2. awww thank you :) it is really good i was surprised cause of all the MAC hype but its true once you go MAC you never go back !! ha xx

  3. I've wanted to try this for a while, it looks good :D xx

  4. Glad u like it! I like the smell too haha! Once you go MAC you never go back xx


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