Sunday, 8 January 2012

Technic high lights (benefit high beam dupe)

So I went to buy the technic nail varnish dupe of the muppets and stumbled across this for £1.99 !!

It's called high lights and is an exact dupe of benefits high beam the only difference is the price :) benefit retails at £18.50 for 12ml and this is £1.99 for 12 ml

The texture is the same as benefits except its just a little thicker which I prefer :) it has a great shine to it and because it's thicker it's easier to apply !

The swatch on the left is technic at £1.99 and the right is benefits high beam at £18.50

I would definitely buy this technic over benefit !!! I think it's great the colour and thickness is perfect and it lasted me all day working at next which is always busy !! So sweats galore ha !

The only flaw that I would give it which is very minor is it doesn't really smell of anything and you have to rub it in alot due to its thickness :)


  1. where did you buy this? I love High Beam, but the price is so high!

  2. Ooo I didn't put it on oooops :) its from bodycare :) xxx

  3. I've not heard of the shop Bodycare before but I've seen Technic products selling online. I will definitely be getting this and will probably have a look for the Muppets dupe you mentioned. :p Great find! x

  4. The body care shop is everywhere where I live ha !! It's just a cheap beauty shop :) and it's amazing I'll hopefully be doing a post on the nail varnish too :) xx


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