Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lush so white bath bomb

One of my Christmas present was a lush bath bomb :) I am a fan of lush but I usually only use it for presents or treats for myself as some of it can be a bit pricey :(

Anyway so for Christmas I got the 'so white' lush bomb In my stocking and I used it last night :)

The first think I noticed was the size of the bath bomb it was actually really big and so took a good 5-10 mins to fully dissolve. Lush says that is smells of apple, rose bergamont and neroli whatever the last two smell of :/ I have no idea ! Ha

When I put it in the bath I could hear it, see it fizz and see it make the bath foamy . It smelt really fresh and clean almost like a clothes softener I couldn't smell the apple Or rose and I don't know what the other two smell like so maybe they where in it ! It made the bath feel as though I had added bath oils but without the effect oil has on your hair etc.

Overall it left a really soft feel to my skin and the smell of it was really nice :) I would buy it again :)

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