Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Benefit boing concealer

So I bought the benefit boing concealer the other day and it is really good :)I really liked the little quite when I opened the box it was a nice touch :) its shown in the photos below.

Also the concealer feels really silky and smooth on my skin and blends VERY WELL and is also extremely easy to apply. Another major fact is that it also has great staying power :) a great concealer for spots and dark circle when you have had to many late nights !!

I got this with some vouchers I had so didn't have to spend too much but they are on eBay for a lot cheaper than benefit charges !!

I don't believe it's worth the price benefit are asking for but I do love the product :)

What's your favourite benefit ?


  1. I have boing, I think it's the strongest concealer I have :) Erase paste is good for eye circles too xx

  2. Ooo might have to try that then too :) and ye it's such a good concealer ! Thanks for your comment :) xx

  3. I swear by this concealer, its amazing xxx


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