Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lush haul :)

So I placed a lush order on Wednesday night and it came Friday morning which I was really impressed with :)

I ordered the ...

bubblegum lip scrub

Avobath bath bomb

Phoenix rising bath bomb

2 Creamy candy bubble bar

Mmmelting marshmallow moment luxury bath melt

2 Superstar bubble bar

Christmas eve bubble bar

Alot of these I got in the 50% off sale :)

Apart from a arriving very quickly they were also packaged extremely well ! This was my first order from lushs' website and certainly won't be my last.

I really liked how they tell you who packaged and prepared your item and mine was called Charlotte C which is the same name as me !! Ha

Can't wait to individually review them all :)


  1. Nice! I love the Christmas Eve bubble bar, might actually be my all time favourite. :) Enjoy your lush goodies. xo

  2. Oooh what a lot of goodies!! can't wait for a review :)

  3. Ooo really can't wait to use it then :) and thanks for the comments girlies :) xx


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