Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make up storage :)

So a few weeks ago I decided I needed a new make up bag ! However a bag wasn't big enough so i got a beauty case instead .....

I bought this off eBay for £18 and there are tons of different colours to choose from :) it's great and I love it !! Perfect for holding all my new make up I have got due to blogging !


  1. that's awesome! I don't have enough make up for one of those! :P
    hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!

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  2. Neither had I till I started blogging !! Haha :) thanks for the comment :) xxx

  3. This tooo cute! Plus its purple my all time favorite color. Ebay does have great finds and great buys. I do have a make-up case, its def good for travel...

  4. This is such a good idea! Maybe I should invest... x

  5. I love it! So fab! I bet it's great for keeping organized!


  6. i need this in my life! looks like a great way of keeping everything organised

    Tanesha x

  7. I wish I had enough make up to fit in one of those. ebay is such a great place to find such things

  8. I wish i'd found this on ebay a few months ago. It looks amazing! I have a similar one but the compartments are smaller, and it was quite a bit more expensive! Such a shame. Might have to find an excuse to buy another one! xox

  9. I love it soooo much :) It holds tons and is a great excuse to buy more makeup :P thanks for the lovely cmments guys !! xx

  10. I love this, I really need to sort out my make up storage, I have stuff everywhere! xo


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