Saturday, 21 January 2012

Stir it up Rimmel eyeshadow

So I bought this brand new off the lovely charlotte from secrets behind the closet door :)

So at first glance this eyeshadow looks really nice !! The colour is really pigmented and I don't think my camera does it justice but you also get all the colour that's in the speckled parts which in this one is hint of midnight blue .

The application is really easy and it is a very smooth eyeshadow. The only down side I would give it was as soon as I swatched it the speckled pattern went and I was left with an eyeshadow that looked like it had been used loads even though this is the first time ! I will try and get a picture and upload it to show you :)

These eyeshades are on eBay for around £2 and come in all different shades :)

Overall a great eyeshadow with great pigmentation and colour ! Just wish the pretty pattern didn't go when you use it :(


  1. Nice shade. Would look good on a night out. Great post:)

  2. This is gorgeous! I don't like silver colors but I'd buy this palette because it looks so fancy! :D

  3. i really like the look of this. its so glittery!x

  4. Its actually really nice the pictures don't do it justice :) Thanks for all the comments girls :) xx


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