Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ELF Lipstick in Fantasy

Another product from ELF I got in my haul was the fantasy lipstick. What I have noticed with ELF lipsticks are the shades they show on the website are not actually accurate !! Make sure you Google swatches or reviews before you purchase as they do come out different colours when you actually use the item. Anyway back t this post.

So what does it look like..............

The packaging is what you would expect with ELF however I do like the clear part of the lipstick tube where you can see the colour.

The lipstick is long lasting and has a great colour brown with orange undertones I would say and it also has a great shine. I have also noticed that the ELF Lipsticks are really nourishing and helps to condition and smooth my lips. The only flaw i would give it is that it didn't have the nicest of smells or taste :( I would suggest elf add a flavouring to them so they taste a little bit better and also smell better as they do smell of cheap make up !

However if you can get over that little fault then these really are great lipsticks to buy. I would definitely recommend them and at only £1 you cant go wrong !!

Overall 3/5

I just wish it tasted and smelt as nice as it looks !!


  1. i thought the exact same thing when i bought my Elf lipstick.. nothing like the swatch on the site.x

    1. I know ! The ones are the sight are really vibrant and intense colours compared to the actual swatch. Xx

  2. I've always wanted to try and ELF lipstick bhut never know what shade to get! This looks like such a great natural colour on you! Great blog, I'm your newest follower and really looking forward to your future posts! xx

  3. This looks alot darker on the stick! xx

    1. I know !! And that's with like 3 coats on ha :) xx


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