Monday, 30 April 2012

Max factor Fantasy fire

So i know quite a few people have posted about this nail varnish but i have only just got it as i won it !!

I recieved this nail varnish along with some other AMAZING goodies from Charlotte over at carlottasbeautyspot. I absolutely love her blog and was amazed at the fact i won one of her competitions. I can honestly say i was jumping around the room :)

 Here's what i won....

Daniel Sandler Water Colour Blush
Daniel Sandler Water Colour Blush Brush
Max factor Fantasy Fire Polish
and a lovely card which has one of my favourite films on the front !!!

So here is the Max Factor Fantasy Fire polish.....

Seeing this polish in real life I can assure you the photos really don't do it justice. The warm purple base is brought to life with a true rainbow of shimmer. The holographic effect is beautiful, with sparks of red, gold, blue and green lighting up the polish at different angles.

However, on application I did find that the polish was very sheer. I am not terribly patient when it comes to nails so a polish that dries quickly and is opaque in one or two coats is essential. Fantasy Fire needs a generous three or four coats to reveal it's beauty, and though I do love the colour and think it was worth the effort, it does require a little tenacity. The above pictures are 4 coats !!!

This nail varnish on ebay is going for a bomb but boots do have more in stock and at only £3.99 a bargain for a pretty colour. boots and superdrug.  ( Now £2.99 in Superdrug)


  1. I love fantasy fire I really need to buy it keep seeing it everywhere in blogs


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