Monday, 14 May 2012

Good enough to eat !

I went into body shop the other day and they had offers on their body butter and shower gel. The shower gel was £3 and the body butter £8 instead of £12 :)

I Picked up both the shows gel and body butter in the strawberry scent.
Also if you have a body shop card you get 10% off all purchases :) and at the end of my receipt I got £10 off my next £25 shop aswell as my 10% so can't go wrong !!

Anyway onto the review :).....

I personally can't resist the smell and the touch of this body butter on my skin, the smell is to die for and you smell good enough to eat !!

It applies smoothly and is VERY moisturising !!

The body butter is enriched with strawberry seed oil, Community Trade cocoa butter and shea butter. The smell and moisturisation lasts all day long and I can still smell the strawberries on my skin the next day!

This is a product which i will definitely keep going back for and will even be getting the coconut one as thats smells divine !!!

I will not only be getting this product again because of its yummy smell and softness but also for its quality & price and longevity of the product ! A small amount goes a long way and this product will last me a long while !! :)

So get moisturised up and smell good enough to eat !!!

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  1. These are just sooo moisturising aren't they?! I have got the almond version and it smells just like marzipan...mmmm! :) x Kelly x


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