Saturday, 14 April 2012

Boots 3 for 2 - beetle juice dupe??

So boots have 3 for 2 on all their beauty and hair products at the moment.

I went in trying to find the models own beetle juice collection but my boots in town doesn't have any so I settled for some different polishes.

What did I get .....

Barry m coral - £2.99
Miss sporty 060 blue - £1.99
Miss sporty sparkle top - £1.99
17 va va voom mascara - £6.99 but had a voucher so £3 :)

I have never used miss sporty before but thought the blue looked similar to the beetle juice.

I also added the sparkle top over some of the blue just to show you the effect :)


  1. Miss sporty are fab quality for the price!!

  2. I love Miss Sporty nail varnishes! That blue glitter is the biz!

  3. Hi there:)

    I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award over at my blog:)


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