Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Clinique Super balanced Foundation.

So i have been using this for just over a year now and i love it !!  I first came across this foundation in my mums make-up bag and used to steal it when she wasn't looking ! However after getting a job i decided to buy my own. it retails at £21 and lasts months so for value in money i wouldn't say that bad.

The first impression was 'wow'. It has great coverage and doesn't feel oily on the skin, yet allows for multiple layers (on the chin and under the eyes in my case). It has a bit of 'glow' on the pore areas- the inner cheeks, chin and forehead- which tends to fade off as soon as the foundation has dried . It doesn't look oily at all and leaves my skin oil free and covered all day !!

I would definitely recommend these if you have combination skin and like a natural finish to your foundation. You can always get a sample to try before you buy and see what you think! Or go to a Clinique counter they are great at customer service and you don't feel pressured to buy at all !!

I have the cream chaos one but also nude ! and both match perfectly !!!

Overall 9/10


  1. Love to read your blog!
    What exactly is combination skin? My skin feels dry across the forehead but quite oily elsewhere. Does this mean I have combination skin too?
    Jo xo

    1. Awww thanks :D and yes it does !! I have an oily tzone but dry in other areas :) combination is basically a mix :) if in doubt go to any makeup counter like Clinique and they will help :)

  2. i was thinking about trying this out but never though clinique will come up with good foundations since everytime i see their brands i just think - good creams for wrinkles , haha , but now i guess i will try that :)



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