Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tweezerman the GOD of Tweezers.

I first bought these Tweezerman tweezers about 2/3 years ago after growing tired of cheaper ones not working as well as they should. These were quite pricey at £12  and these have increased in price over the years but I had heard nothing but good things about them and I wasn't disappointed. You can buy them from Amazon for only £9.99 BARGAIN !


Tweezerman tweezers always get the hair you want and don't snap it off like some other tweezers. They also manage to grab the tiny hairs which would normally get away. ( The ones that make it look like you have little black dots on your eyebrow)I really can't rate these tweezers enough !!! And think everyone should have them !!!



  • Angled edge to grasp hair
  • Tips are hand filed
  • Grabs very short hairs
  • A Tweezerman addiction might lead to buying them in multiple colours
  • Can be pricey

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  1. Always considered buying some as I always pluck my eyebrows rather than waxing or threading, but have never been able to justify the cost (like £17 in my local Boots...!)

    Never thought to check Amazon though, I think I'll give them a go if they're only £9.99..!

    Emily x


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